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Rebel Roundup - 9/21/09 - Still Recovering

 The Weekend Took Her Toll
I'm still woozy.  Worry not, though.  The next three days will be stuffed with content because we, like our Rebels, have gotta get ready for Thursday night.

Prelims over for Ole Miss |
Chris Low states the obvious here while doing a decent job of reminding his readers that routs of teams like SELA aren't completely worthless.  Without such teams on the schedule, we might not have gotten to see the emergence of DT Shackleford or (much less likely because he's a badass) Pat Patterson.

Mark Jean-Louis at Fullback | Brandt
Jean-Louis, a 330 pound offensive lineman, will see playing time at fullback with the recent injury to starter Andy Hartmann.  I say we let the big man punch one in on the goalline if such an opportunity avails itself. 

No. 4 Ole Miss, S. Miss share longest win streak |
Actually, the Rebel's and Golden Eagles' streak of eight victories is the second longest nationwide streak, but don't let that get in the way of your eye-catching headline writing, Sun Herald!  Still, to fathom the fact that our Rebs have won eight games straight is pretty difficult, don't you think?

Gamecocks Review their Defense for game against Ole Miss | The Times and Democrat
Stephen Garcia quote:

"We’re going to take it very, very serious this week and go out there and, you know, beat ‘em."

Pssshhh yeah brahseph like you know whatever.