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Rebels 52 - Lions 6 : By the Numbers

As per the usual, Whiskey Wednesday will do a full rundown of the game as he saw it but, for now, I thought I'd share some stats.

Oh, and as an aside note: you wanna know another reason why the SEC > you?  At the bar which saw yours truly grace her presence for our game there were a ton of Washington fans.  They had just seen the storyline of the week unfold in an incredible upset of the USC Trojans at the hands of their Huskies.  It has to have been one of the finest moments in Washington football history, and what were they doing?  Leisurely chatting, texting their buddies, slowly polishing off their drinks, and generally acting like you would expect them to act most of the time.  Had that been Ole Miss beating the Trojans, we would have burned the damn building down.  I was almost upset for them and their seeming inability to really care that their program is being completely turned around by Steve Sarkidon'tknowhowtospellhisnamesian.

The Numbers:

  • Snead was a pedestrian 16 of 28 for 209 yards.  He did have three touchdowns, one of which included a diving catch from freshman Pat Patterson.
  • Patterson actually led the team in receiving yards with 79.  Hodge led the team in receptions with five.
  • Brandon Bolden eclipsed 100 yards rushing but did not reach the endzone.
  • Four Rebels averaged greater than eight yards per rush: Snead, Derrick Davis, Brandon Bolden, and Jesse Grandy.
  • As a team, the Rebels averaged 7.4 yards a carry.  The Lions, 2.9. 
  • Southeastern Louisiana had 302 yards of offense.  Nearly 200 of these yards came in the 2nd half.  Their longest drive was their 69 yard drive to begin the 2nd quarter which ended in a field goal.
  • This game marked the eighth in a row won by the Rebels.  This is the longest such streak since 1972.
  • DT Shackleford is a hoss.

Here's the game's animated drive chart (HT: Joel of Rocky Top Talk)




You're welcome.  Now let's just hope WW fights off his hangover in a timely enough fashion to keep us entertained.