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Rebel Roundup - 9/2/09 - Briefly

Leading off


Thanks Kige. While your rankings are suspect because a) you don't have Florida as number one b) Nebraska and Georgia Tech are in the top-10 and c) you compiled them, it is nice to be in somebody else's rankings.


DE Hardy may finally be a Rebel with a cause | The Clarion-Ledger
David Brandt brings you the great news that Greg Hardy is a "starter."  "Starter" is in quotes because the depth chart has the first string weak-side DE listed as "Kentrell Lockett OR Greg Hardy."  Regardless, it's a big step up from typical, flaky gr3gxxz.  In this bloggeur's humble viewpoint, Hardy's gonna stomp ass this year.

Season is a welcome change | The Daily Mississippian
From the Daily Mississippian's Paul Katool comes another symbolic beginning of the Ole Miss football season: hastily written Ole Miss football sports coverage!  Paul Katool is a man's man though and I do consider him a good Friend of the Cup, so I won't hate.

That's It
There really isn't a lot going on coverage-wise.  What can be said has been said.  People are really just ready to stop talking about football and actually watch it.  Also, I'm hungover like a sonofabitch so get over it.