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SELA Prediction

I know that a lot of Rebel fans are looking past this weekend's game, and that's probably something I would fall victim to in past years. I mean, how could an FCS team compete with an FBS team, right?

Tell that to Virginia, who lost to William and Mary in week one. Tell it to Michigan, who lost to Appalachian State two years ago.

The Lions have a great quarterback, and our flaw is our pass defense. SELA has obliterated both teams it has played so far this year, and their offense looks very potent.

Aside from quarterback, this Lions squad is actually pretty talented.  They have playmakerst every position.  Sure, our Rebels squad is also fairly talented, but I'm not sure that our players will treat this game as more than a practice, and that's something that could come back to haunt them, though that's unlikely.

WARNING: The analysis that follows after the jump may be somewhat difficult for some of our fans to hear.

The Rebs win by Texas with a dollar sign. HOTTY TODDY!