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Rebel Roundup - 9/18/09

Ole Miss offensive line aiming to correct opening-game miscues | Memphis Commercial Appeal
Here's a tip, Markuson and company: our line will have hardly any work on their hands against Southeastern Louisiana.  Get them ready for the South Carolina game if you haven't been already.  Thanks.

Can the Crimson Tide of Alabama Hold Off Ole Miss in Oxford? | Associated Content
This is actually an informed yet neutral set of observations as they relate to our October 10th date with the Tide.  It's a good read, save for the fact that it's missing a few "Ole Pi$$ weebs Hooten NUTTLESS" and "Alabummer gump Crimson TURD" references for it to be true SEC-worthy internet speculation.

Why Jevan Snead hasn't thrown a 300 yard game | Brandt
The answer, coaching.  Now, this may be a perfect opportunity for a platoon of obnoxious Hogvillians to swarm here to drop a bunch of "QB Killah" references on us, but I say kudos to Nutt.  He has done a decent job of using the running game to put Jevan in position to make big plays.  He doesn't put too much weight on his quarterback's shoulders but still gives him plenty of opportunities to make something exciting happen.

I regret (kinda) missing this
Y'all really did take over Beale Street.  Damn.  Elvis would be proud.