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Rebel Roundup Part 2 - Because JUCO Misses EVERY Decent Link

Doug Lesmerises, Progenitor of Wacky AP Poll Ballot, Explains Why He's Not So Crazy | Cleveland Plain Dealer

Remember how everyone was throwing hate at the nut job in Cleveland who ranked Alabama #1, Houston #4, and Florida all the way down at #5?  Well, Doug Lesmersissy will see your charge of irrationality and raise you a dose of seeming incongruity:

I picked Mississippi to make a surprise run to the national title game ... I am the only AP voter to not rank Mississippi this week. 



I don't get it, Doug.

As long as I'm following my theory of voting almost entirely based on onfield results, it makes sense for me to explain my AP ballot each week.

First, my criteria.

1. Results
2. Results
3. Results

... Do I still think the Rebels will reach the national championship? After that shaky start, which wasn't helped by the flu, I'm slightly less inclined to think so. But I stand by that prediction, and I believe Ole Miss WILL be very good, in the future. But based only on its present resume, Mississippi is the 26th-best team in the country in my opinion.


I am slightly assuaged by your voo doo "logic," but continue to be suspicious of the way that you live in Cleveland.  I'll continue watching you, Doug Lesmetzkofksy.

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Gamecocks get Southern Miss, LSU and North Carolina set for Atlanta in ESPN Shuffle | Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.)

After some shuffling, South Carolina now knows it will open the 2010 season at home against Southern Miss.  And all the good people of South Carolina said, "...Oh."  Hey, sorry chicken-heads, but in a world where the World Wide Leader is pulling them strings, there are winners and losers.  And, let's face it, when it comes to who gets that T.V. time, the two-time recent national champion with the balls-for-brains coach is getting preference over the ever-burgeoning pre-super-power with the over-the-hill coach.

Signs that the jobs market might be on the rise in at least one specialized sector | Every Day Should Be Saturday 

Just ... just click the link.  It's jokes about little people.

Powe starting on Saturday; Brandt steals joke | The Clarion-Ledger's David Brandt, EotC

Clarion-Ledger Ole Miss beat writer and EotC David Brandt reported a few days ago that Jerrell Powe would start Saturday for the Rebels.  Our hearts go out to the big guy, who gets picked on lovingly by some of us in the internet, but who wouldn't throw themselves under the scooter for Powe?  He's a great Rebel and deserves all the good stuff coming to him.  Now, David Brandt.  Brandt, and elitist old media type for sure, refuses to link the Cup probably because I totally scooped him on a story back in April and he's a little sore about it.  Now, David Brandt is stealing our jokes:

I'm sure Mr. Powe might be celebrating with a few catfish fillets tonight.



Hey, Brandt, that's our unsubstantiated assumption about somebody we don't know.  If you want to perpetuate the idea that a minor celebrity enjoys a commonly appreciated (and delicious) culinary delight as a joke, perpetuate your own ideas.