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Rebel Roundup - 9/17

Interview With Ricky of Ricky's Rants | Friends of the Program

You may have already seen this as it's not too timely, but it's something I forgot to link yesterday. My favorite part is when he says he's not a racist... as if that's a judgment one can earnestly make of themselves. No... you're not racist, you just said "poor little n-----" when you were informed that one of your players was hurt. That's not racist at all. That's probably nothing like it was during slavery.

Rebels Eager to Play After Open Date |

I'm also intrigued by Ferbia Allen. I wonder if we will throw a pass his way this week. In the few practices that I actually got to see, Allen appeared to be the best receiving tight end of the bunch. As to another point in the article, we don't need to just play turnover free on offense. We need to go for the jugular for most of the first half. Even if our record doesn't put us at a point where BCS points matter in the end, I want to stomp SELA so that South Carolina gets a little scared.

Great Deal on Pictures | Ole Miss Photos

I love a lot of the pictures they offer at the site. Seriously, the marketing sector of the athletic department can't seem to miss on ideas right now. Keep them coming. I do wish that there were more pictures from the glory years, but more than anything I'm just happy that alums can go to in order to purchase pictures online.

Deconstructing Tressel Ball | Smart Football's Chris Brown via Doc Saturday

I know that Ohio State has nothing to do with Ole Miss, but I thought the article was brilliant. Take a minute to read it. There are several things that show just how inept Jim Tressel really is.

The Abortion That is the Word "Scrappy" | Fire Joe Morgan via Deadspin

This article is incredible. For those of you who don't know, FireJoeMorgan was a blog designed specifically to call out sports journalists who were terrible at their jobs. Go read some of their old stuff if you have time.