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Rebel Roundup - 9/16

Where The Hell Is That Funny Guy?
Again, Ghost is AFK (I swear I didn't learn that from WoW) today. That means you get poorly polished stories from a bloggeur who hasn't quite mastered the "short blurb."

A Story About the Sport Most of Our Fans Have Forgotten |'s Andy Katz
It's good to see the roundball rebs getting some love. If Reggie Buckner really is good enough to start from day one, we're probably going to be pretty good. We just have to pray that knee injuries don't riddle our team like last year. I know we're almost a year removed, but seriously... four of our best players messed up their knees. That still hasn't really sunken in  yet.

Hoping Those Were First Game Jitters | EotC David Brandt
I think that Snead's problems in the first game were a combination of him and his pass blocking. Neither pick was the fault of a receiver. The article is good even if it does come from the one of whom we cannot speak.

Was This Written by a Journalist? | The Mississippi Press
That "article" is absolutely ridiculous. I assume that readers of the paper write in to "sound-off" on whatever they feel like putting in the newspaper. So apparently some people pay nine dollars a month to subscribe to The Mississippi Press. I would guess that some of them pay nine dollars a month to be able to publish their thoughts about sports. Astonishing. Those days will soon be over.