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Rebels in the Pros: Week 1


I'm fairly certain that the Bills-Patriots game was a figment of my ever stimulated imagination. Perhaps a recalled memory from a Madden '10 game that I once played. Un-freakin-believable. 

What's more amazing is the number of Rebels that are in the NFL currently. ESPN reports 21 on their website but Bruce Hall and Taye Biddle aren't on the list. We'll just round up and say 25. That's not rounding, you say? Fuck you, it's almost midnight, and I work for a living.


Here's a rundown of what our Rebel alumni accomplished during week one:

Derrick Burgess, New England Patriots: 3 tkls, 1 sack

Kendrick Clancy, New Orleans Saints: 1 tkl

Peria Jerry, Atlanta Falcons: 1 tkl

Ken Lucas, Seattle Seahawks: 3 tkls, 1 pass def

Eli Manning, New York Giants: 20-29, 256 yds, 1 TD, 1 Int

Mike Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers: 3 rec, 32 yds

Patrick Willis, San Francisco 49ers: 13 tkls, 1 Int, 1 pass def

Wow, I miss Patrick Willis.