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Southern Proper Contest - Finalists Announced!


The Cupdaters have gathered in deliberative congress sent around an email chain and, after a few rounds of voting, determined three finalists for the Southern Proper brand prize.

Before the finalists are announced, though, the RCR "staff" would like to thank each and every person who submitted a contest entry. We enjoyed reading them for their eloquence, wit, and truly heartfelt thoughts on the University we adore, the culture she embodies, and the athletic teams she fields. Our hats our tipped and our glasses raised. A myriad of factors played into the selection of our potential winners but, if you asked me what they were, I couldn't tell you. All of our nominations were unique varied.

Having all of the votes tallied, the finalists for the Red Cup Rebellion/Southern Proper FanPost contest, in alphabetical order, are...

Bill Fremp's entry

OxpatchReb's entry

RedStickRebel's entry

And, yes, there is a "somebody else" button. Fat chance the poll changes, but at least y'all get a vote and a place to vent.