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Rebel Roundup - 9/14/09

Rebels' Davis finding his role in crowded backfield |
These first two are free reads from Ole Miss' affiliate.  First, a look at Enrique Davis' improvement since arriving on campus last fall.  I think we can certainly expect to see more out of InRick this season than we saw last season.

Rebels' McGee finally feeling comfortable on defense |
And here's a piece on Jeremy McGee's transformation from a scatback at UCLA to a solid reserve corner for the Rebels.  If you'll recall, McGee had two sacks against Memphis, one of them a real bone-crusher.  For a little dude, McGee can hit.

Davey O'Brien - College Football Quarterback Award Fan Vote
Hey y'all haha lol omg vote for KEVIN SNEED 4 Heizman and whatever this award is HOTTY TOODY GO REBS!!!1 /praysforsickdog

Parsing the SEC Stats | sutpens100 FanPost
This is a pretty solid look at inferences we can ascertain from two weeks worth of SEC statistics.  While an extremely early look at the numbers--a point which sutpens100 readily concedes--it is quite interesting.  If these numbers don't lie, UGA could be in serious trouble this season, Alabama is really as good as we all think they are, and "Mississippi State does, in fact, suck.  Big time."