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Happy Weekend!

I will keep this brief: we apologize.  Today, Juco and I were chatting about how we haven't been good bloggeurs this week.  The lack of Ole Miss football, Swine Flu, and our real, big-boy jobs kinda got in the way.  Next week, we'll do our damndest to deliver.  We have some good stuff in store but just haven't found the time or motivation to bring it to you. 

Other than that, enjoy your weekend!  There are some decent SEC games and a big-time BCS heavyweight showdown which should keep you amply glued to your television set.  Party.  Party hard.  And if you can find it, pour yourself a tall glass of Augustinerbräu.  If you can't, Natty Ice will do just fine.


This is the best damned beer in the world and you-know-who is leanin' way back 'cause of it.