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Rebel Roundup - 9/10/09

The New is UP
Check it out.  The head honchos of the network wanted a centralized site which really focused on the big stories of the day, so they made it.

Ole Miss WR Dexter McCluster Hospitalized Overnight | ESPN
The Pig AIDS leeched McCluster's body of fluids so he needed an IV and some rest.  He'll be fine.  Don't worry.  Also, as an FYI, Brandt has a list of all of the players who missed practice with illness or other afflictions.

BlogPoll is HERE
The Rebels are at #8.  What I especially enjoy about the BlogPoll is that Brian, the purveyor of MGoBlog and the patriarch of all BlogPollers, gives weekly awards for things like the most "homeristic" ballot and such.  The Cup is yet to win an award (something I actually take some pride in, considering the nature of the awards), but I think y'all should still take a look at this weeks "winners."  The two most biased blogs are blogs representing Notre Dame and Arkansas, which shouldn't at all be a shocker.  The five least biased blogs are all blogs representing teams which either lost or grossly underperformed in week one, i.e. Oklahoma, Georgia, VA Tech, and LSU.  The fantastically-named Oklahoma blog of mention, Tilting at Windmills, even went so far as to completely remove the Sooners from their top-25 ballot altogether.  Damn. 

Animated BlogPoll!
RockyTopTalk does a damn fine job at this.  And look!  The Rebels are in it!

Player Quotes from the Memphis Game |
Some of these are pretty interesting viewpoints.  It seems that, despite their early struggles, the team is confident in their abilities and performance.  I guess the 4th quarter really reminded them that if they play aggressive, smart football that they'll beat some folks.

Red Cup Radio
It was last night.  Did you enjoy it?  Let us know.  Did you miss it?  Widget on the bottom right: go to it, press play.