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Rebel Roundup - 9/1/09

Alabama football player Brandon Deaderick shot | The Tuscaloosa News
Last night, Alabama defensive end Brandon Deaderick was shot at Rivermont Apartments in Tuscaloosa.  He is in good condition and the wound is, thankfully, not at all life-threatening, but I imagine he is still shaken up pretty badly.  Opponent or not, I hate to hear about such a senseless, violent act happening to someone whose only crime was sticking up to a robber.  Get well soon, Brandon.

Rebel Captains Named
I don't know how I didn't post this yesterday, but here they are:
Defense - Kendrick Lewis, Patrick Trahan, Marcus Tillman, and Marshay Green
Offense - Daverin Geralds, John Jerry, and Dexter McCluster

Nutt/Snead press conference transcript | 
If you sift through the typical coachspeak, you'll get some tidbits out of this one.  Namely, Jesse Grandy will see playing time, Logan Clair is likely to redshirt, Nutt feels Snead is doing everything very well, and a few of our freshman receivers will receive redshirts. 

Memphis State hopes you’re happy now, cripples | The Godfrey Show
I'm certain this will go over well with the eMemphis Fans.  Godfrey does have a very good point though: Memphis wants a pat on the back for finally making the Liberty Bowl compliant with guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disablilities Act... 19 years after the damn law was passed.