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Rebel Roundup - 8/07/09

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Bud Wilkinson Conference features plenty of heated rivalries - ESPN
We can't even get away from Arkansas when trying to vote them out of college football. Yeah. That conference would be absolutely nuts. LSU, Oklahoma, and Texas in the same conference. Yikes.

USA Today Coaches' Poll Ranks Rebs Tenth; Behind LSU and Bama - USA Today
As GOJC said, "I never understood the love for Les Miles. He's maybe the seventh best coach in the SEC." I'm not sure that there are SIX better coaches than he is in the conference, but there are at least four.

(Super Bowl XLIV Champion?) Patriots Deal for Derrick Burgess -- NFL FanHouse
Are we still allowed to hate a team that features Burgess AND The Firm? I will forever despise the Patriots, due to my allegiance to the Colts, but it just got a little harder for some Ole Miss fans.

Dennis Dodd's Top Quarterbacks to Wear the Number Ten in the Last Ten Years; No Eli Manning -
We liked you so much after you bashed Paul Finebaum. Why couldn't you just keep being a reasonable journalist?