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Rebel Roundup - 8/6/09

Football Season is a Month Away
Juco, Whiskey Wednesday, and I have been working on putting together a schedule of blog events and, trust me, we're excited.  This season is gonna be fun 'round hurr.  We should have something hot and fresh on the site just about every-single-day of the season.  We may even have some opportunities for you loyal Cup fans to, let's say, get involved around here.  Of course, despite how competent we may seem, comments, criticisms, suggestions, and "Geaux to H3LL Ole Pi$$" comments are always welcomed.

Healthy backcourt makes Ole Miss a contender | College Basketball
I know we're all getting wooly about the upcoming football season, but if you would like to switch your Kool-Aid flavor to "basketball," read this piece from  With a motivated and healthy Chris Warren, Eniel Polynice, Zach Graham, and Trevor Gaskins playing alongside 2008 SEC Freshman of the Year Terrico White, the Rebels' backcourt is easily the best in the SEC West and, arguably, one of the best nationally.  While Kennedy's roundballers are seriously lacking size underneath (no, I didn't mean it that way), we should be able to score from all over the floor.  (HT: ThePunter).

Source: Eli Manning, New York Giants agree to six-year, $97.5 million contract extension - ESPN
Our boy is now the highest paid player in the NFL.  More on this in a bit.

This is Cool
Here's a video on the recent NCAA coaches tour of Iraq, Djibouti, and parts inbetween.  You've really got to appreciate the impression this experience left on these coaches.

The only truly CRAZYFACE that occurs in the video is riiiiiiiiiight here:


Yes!  Why, you're so observant!  That is a camoflauge Ole Miss sombrero that Coach Nutt is wearing!