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Rebel Roundup - 8/5/09

Green Making the Grade at Ole Miss | Bastrop Daily Enterprise
Marshay Green's home newspaper recently sat down with him for an interview.  Clicky the linky to read.  I particularly enjoy the part where Marshay reveals his astonishment at not being an all-SEC selection before proposing to remedy the "mistake" on the voters' parts by earning all-America honors this season.  Whatever motivates you, Marshay.

Florida's Only Shot at Remach with Ole Miss...SEC Championship | The Daily Texan
Texas' school newspaper, an obviously blatant ripoff of our *ahem* beloved Daily Mississippian, recently saw one of her sports columnists run this somewhat trite series of observations.  Yeah, it's nothing you didn't already know, but it's about Ole Miss and, for some reason, a part of a Big XII school newspaper, making it somewhat of a journalistic Coelacanth--you thought it didn't exist until you saw it.

Patrick Willis Takes up MMA |
Holy shit.  As if he needed to, Patrick Willis has been engaging himself in Mixed Martial Arts training in order to make himself more of a badass.  If NFC runningbacks weren't already abso-fuckin'-loutely afraid of Willis, they will be now.

 Holtz mulling a run for Congress |
Yeth, you heard correctly.  Congrethman Lou Holth could become a reality.  I theriouthly doubth ith will, but the pothibility is there, and thath all that matterth for amateur bloggeurth who love making overdone lithp joketh.

Obamiconth, along with lithp jokes, are overdone.