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Announcing: Red Cup Radio!


Yessir/madam!  Every Wednesday evening of this football season, we will be conducting a live internet radio show featuring yours truly, Whiskey Wendesday, and One Man to Beat along with numerous nefarious and dastardly guests.  Join us this week as we spend 30 minutes trying to figure the broadcast software out while giggling at fart jokes.  I will be placing a widget on the right-hand toolbar which will have the link to listen live as well as a dropdown menu which will contain previously recorded shows so be on the lookout.

Now, for your questions.

"Um, yes, hi, is this going to be a Podcast?"

Yeah... no.  I don't think I can figure out how to make this thing go into the iTunes thing and then download onto your iPod thing.  Sorry.  If I do find that out though, huzzah!  Podcast!

"Can I be a guest on the show?"

That depends.  Are you a bloggeur for a rival school?  Are you a well respected commentor or FotC?  Sure you can!  Contact us through the appropriate channels (look on the left toolbar if you haven't already) and call dibs or something.

"Will I be able to participate in real time, perhaps via a call-in function?"

Wow, what a leading question!  Of course you will!  There will be a number and then a call-ID pin type of deal.  We encourage such interaction.  Also, if you tweet something @RedCupRebellion or, hell, use the hashtag #RedCupRadio we'll read it out on the air.  And, for those of you who know me personally (you lucky bastards you), feel free to text me during the show.  This could end up being the greatest part of the whole show.

"What are y'all gonna talk about?"

Ole Miss football, Ole Miss athletics in general, Ole Miss as a cultural phenomenon, and whatever we're sippin' on ya heard lawya?

"Are y'all gonna use any of that durned 'gutter language' you boys love so much?"

Yyyyyyyyyyyyep!  To borrow a line from HawkeyeState, "sorry, but you can visit Rivals if you don't like it."

"How many people do you really expect to listen to you burp into a microphone and make fun of State for 30 minutes?"

More than you'd like, most likely.  My guess, 14.  And it's not going to be that crude and lacking of direction.  Why, last night when WW, One Man, and myself were conducting a dry run using the recording software, One Man's wife-lady commented that we sounded like a "group of middle school girls on a three-way call."  That's way better than what you described, jackass.