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HATE WEEK - Memphis State

Memphis, dammit, stop.  Just stop.  Get off our our schedule.  We are tired of opening our season against you.  We are tired of having to watch your fans bow-leggedly walk through the Grove in cargo jorts and faded DeAngelo Williams Jerseys in between our horribly unpleasant visits to the rickety ass, hotter-than-hell Liberty Bowl.  We're done, and we're going to put this "rivalry" to bed on Sunday.  Goodbye, dammit.

Hate, hate, hate.  Ooh Lord does it feel good.  Cup fans, just open up your hearts and let that hate out!  There will be plenty of it this week, so I shan't waste it all in one far-too-early burst (that's what he said HEYO!), but I'll begin this week with this:

We're on patrol, motherfuckers.  WOOP WOOP HeLmEt MoBiLe!