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Rebel Roundup - 8/31/09 - Game week

Slim and trim: Ole Miss' Powe no longer ton of fun |
Jerrell Powe has really dedicated himself to the success of our team.  No matter how you feel about the guy, you can't help but admire his commitment.  For him to lose 60 pounds in order to prepare for what may be a breakout season for him is, in this bloggeur's opinion, a good sign as to how ready this football team really is.

Ten Games That Will Shape the SEC: No. 4 -- LSU at Ole Miss | Team Speed Kills
TeamSpeedKills, which has really amped up their coverage for the upcoming SEC season (oh my sweet baby Jesus Thursday night oh wow football), as listed the 2nd annual Magnolia Bowl as the fourth most significant game of the upcoming season.  I think you'll like their prediction of the outcome.

These Are the Games: 'Bama just in time Rebels' rubber match | Dr. Saturday
Doc Saturday, as with TeamSpeedKills with the Magnolia Bowl, finds our October 10th game against the Alabama Crimson tide to be one of the season's most significant.  While he has been kinder to Ole Miss in his coverage as of late, he still has Bama narrowly winning the West over LSU and our Rebels. 

Football Gameplan's NCAA Week 1 Predictions (Ole Miss Rebels @ Memphis Tigers) | YouTube 
Where in the hell is that guy's accent from?  Anyway, if you want a handicam shot and hastily researched preview of this Sunday's opener, look no further!

LSU let Rebels' Brandon Bolden get away | Memphis Commercial Appeal
You're damned right LSU let Bolden get away.  According to the article, Rebel halfback and Baton Rouge native Brandon Bolden was offered by LSU, but as a defender.  Houston "zomg he can't recruit" Nutt knew he was legit as a halfback and offered him as such, steering him away from the Bayou Bengals.  Bolden is now the starting halfback for a top-10 team; but yeah, Les Miles is the shit and Houston Nutt sucks ass at recruiting.  Whatever.

On the Record: Tide still chasing Gators into Atlanta | Dr. Saturday 
Speaking of Dr. Saturday, here is his prediction for how the SEC will finish the season.  If he's correct, we should see a rematch of last year's SEC Title Game with the Alabama Crimson Tide taking on the eventual national champion Florida Gators.

For Ole Miss Quarterback Jevan Snead, the Road to Success Contained a Few Detours |
Hey, wait a second...  You mean to tell me that Jevan Snead initially committed to Florida, only to back out of his commitment once Tim Tebow committed.  Then, after committing and signing to play ball at Texas, he opted to transfer because he was behind Colt McCoy on the depth chart?  And, now that he's at Ole Miss, he's leading a little rag-tag band of (RaCiSt) misfits into dark horse SEC title contention?  Thanks, Washington Post!  I swear, nobody has done this one yet.  Jokes aside, the Post has us at #5.

Pocket passers, 25-carry running backs are endangered species | ESPN
This is an incredibly fascinating mildly interesting look at the evolution of football.  What I don't like about it is that it seems that it is almost mourning the changing of the game's nature.  So what football doens't have many more OJ Simpson or Barry Sanders "give it to me on every down" type backs?  It also doesn't have a bunch of skinny white dudes chasing each other around a muddy pit while wearing leather skull-caps and woolen stockings, but I don't hear you complaining about that.  Stuff changes.  Embrace it.

SEC Football Preview |
Why a college basketball site has opted to dabble in some football I'll never know, but they're picking our Rebs to win the west so more power to them.

And Finally...
This kid is awesome.  You know how on Oprah and other generally gushy crap television they'll show a kid who can do something "phenomenal" like name all the states and their capitals?  Yeah, that's a waste.  This kid, who can't be much older than three, knows more about the Ole Miss roster than most Rebel fans would readily admit.  To whomever this child's parent may be, huzzah.  You've got a baby genius on your hand.  Teach him to write well and he'll be Cuppin' in no time.