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Rebel Roundup - 8/3

Wow, It's August
Football is just a shade over four weeks away.  We're almost there.

Falcons, first-round pick Jerry reach deal |
Peria Jerry is richer-n-a-mawfukka after signing a five-year deal reported to be worth approximately $12million.  If anybody's curious as to why Baby J is riding around Oxford in a brand new Cadillac, look no further than his big brother's new found wealth.

2009 SEC Preview: Ole Miss | Gate 21
From Gate 21, a well designed and written Tennessee Volunteers blog, comes the same old same old.  "Ole Miss can't and won't win because they're Ole Miss; history isn't on their side; blablabla whatever."  Y'all know my thoughts on this, but I figured the post was linkworthy anyway.

Chattanooga Times Free Press | Snead, Rebels aiming for Atlanta
Snead says he dreams of playing the Texas Longhorns in Pasadena.  Read it.

Signee numbers will "work out" | Brandt
I wasn't worried in the first place.  Our coaches--despite the wishful thinking of our in-conference foes--know what they're doing.

Hornsby Indicted on Assault Charge |
Good riddance.  I'm all for second chances, but forget third chances.  I don't even want to waste my time with a guy who hangs out at McDonalds in Starkville.  Ever.