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The Cup Countdown: NUMBER 8

The Ole Miss-LSU game consisted of a sundry melange of spine-tingling moments. I peed in some bushes at an apartment complex thanks to our friend Jim Beam. I shouted insults at Tiger fans who snubbed their noses in my direction saying, "Where'd you go before the game - Brooks Brothers?" To which I replied, "Brooks Brothers is for poor people."

November 22, 2008 also was the night of Juco's bachelor party. We stayed at a seedy motel where hookers strutted their collective stuff on the sidewalks adjacent to our rubber mattress laden rooms. 

Winning 31-13 and snapping a six game losing streak to the Bayou Bengals was extraordinary, while Peria Jerry wreaking havoc in the backfield was, for lack of a better term, Henry the Eighth-esque.

Anne Boleyn stood a better chance against her English monarch counterpart than the likes of Jordan Jefferson. At the time of our #8 moment, Ole Miss had a commanding 28-13 lead in the third quarter as Jefferson was trying to mount a patented LSU comeback. The ghosts of Doug Buckles' past could creep up at any moment. Every Ole Miss fan knew as night began to fall, something bad surely was going to almost always does.  Except this time, it didn't.


Perry Jerry burst off his blocker(some goofy squatty looking white guy) and found Jefferson on his heels in the backfield. Jefferson had no where to run, so instead he made the move to try and crouch to dodge the oncoming freight train that is #98. To punish Jordan's stupidity and poor choice in football allegiance, Jerry ripped Jefferson's head off of his body, pooped into his skull and then force fed it to Billy Cannon(whose number was retired that same night). Later, he was seen impaling whatever was left of the skull onto a 15 foot spike overseeing Highway 6 in Oxford. 

Maybe you remember it differently, but the complete domination that Jerry showed alongside the other Landsharks on that night is our #8 moment for the 2008 season. Jefferson's beheading and the ankle snapping of Jarrett Lee brought home a victory for Rebel fans to relish.  While most of their fans are still unwilling to admit it, LSU was dominated that night by our large, merciless defensive front.

As I nuzzled into the insulation-filled pillows on our beds that night, I had dreams of cotton bolls dancing around my head mixed with nighmares of Peria Jerry eating my friends and family.