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Rebel Roundup - 8/28/09 - 9 Days Left

Bolden, Harris, Ingram all still out |
So I thought Brandon Bolden would be back in practice yesterday.  I was wrong.  His hammie is still bugging him a bit, as is Gerald Harris'.  Harris will likley not see the field against Memphis while Brandon will.  Fon Ingram should be fine as he is quickly recovering from the Swine Flu.

Learning experience: Can lessons of 2008 turn Rebels into champs? | Commercial Appeal
This is actually a pretty solid look at the upcoming season from the Commecial Appeal.  What I really found to be enjoyable was the documented interaction between Houston Nutt and Jackie Sherrill mentioned about halfway through.  Somewhere, a Spirit poster has shit his britches full of rage turds upon seeing that.  Also, if you've got the time, read through the comments.  They're pure, 24k gold nuggets of stupid; and there are over 100 of them.

SEC "Finalizes" Media Credential Policy |
Yeah, that's what I thought, SEC.  I think the power of the media, both traditional and new, really showed with the SEC media policy debacle.  They pulled some draconian nonsense, we bitched, they changed it almost immediately.

Devin Britton Slated to be Killed, Tennis Style | David Brandt
Ok, that's not the real headline, but the Ole Miss Rebel tennis champion will play Roger F'in Federer in the opening round of the US Open.  For those who don't know, Federer is the #1 ranked tennis player in the entire damned world.  Just don't get killed out there, Devin. 

EDIT: The Mahatma Does it Again
Check out his idea for Vaught-Hemingway Stadium circa 2025.

EDIT #2 (I'm getting bad at this): Conference Preview | Over The Pylon
Blogosphere allies at Over the Pylon predict an 11-1 season for the Rebels.  Our loss?  Vanderbilt.  Check it out.