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Preseason BlogPoll is UP

You saw our ballot, now see the final poll

As you'll be sad to learn, the blogosphere doesn't like our chances as much as we'd hope.  We're ranked 11th.  However, after looking at Ole Miss' vote distribution, I saw that a majority of bloggeurs had us at #10.  There were two interesting outliers, one at #4 and the other at #23 which, while I haven't looked, I don't imagine Oklahoma State got, giving the Cowboys the slight edge over the Rebels.  Those outliers, interestingly enough, came from blogs which represent schools defeated by our Rebels last season.  Care to venture a guess as to which schools those may be?  And no, I'm not going to call out individual blogs, so don't even ask.  And yes, that information is all out there anyway so if you really care that much, go find it.