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Rebel Roundup - 8/27/09 - Multimedia Edition

Ten Days
That is all that separates us from the Memphis game.  The blog calm before the blog storm is officially over.  Expect several bits of new content damn near every single day over the next few months.

Vaught-Hemingway Stadium FieldTurf Progress photos |
I really like the look of the new field turf.  The blue endzones are solid and the gigantic script "Ole Miss" at the 50 yard line is exactly what we should have done when they installed the last piece of turf.

Rank and File: Ole Miss Preview | ESPN - YouTube
Herbie, Mark May, Todd McShay and others throw in their thoughts on our chances for this upcoming football season.  Aside from the overdone, unoriginal, and baseless "how will they handle expectations" nonsense, the pundits give Jevan Snead, Houston Nutt, Greg Hardy, and Marshay Green their due props.

Brandt's Practice Report  The Clarion-Ledger
With video!  As far as I can gather, nothing extremely special or tragic occurred at yesterday's practice which, per the unusual, should be welcomed by Rebel fans.

Heat Returns to Oxford; Bolden Injured | Inside The Grove 
More of the same, but from Inside the Grove.  Oh, and about Bolden's injury: he came up lame after a drill.  He overworked his hamstring a bit and should be back on the field this evening.  Please do not worry.  Please.  I'm sick of the "zomg is Brandon Boulder hurt" texts already.

LandSharks Foam Shark Fin | Rebel Rags
You had to know these were coming.  BUY NOW!

What Vaught-Hemingway Stadium Should Look Like
From avid Cup reader and expert Photoshopper The Mahatma comes what this Rebel fan opines to be a pretty damn good idea as to what our stadium should look like upon expansion.  Make no mistake, with the recent talks of expansion coinciding with record-breaking ticket sales, something along these lines will likely happen.