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A New Option for Students Left without Season Tickets

Excited yet?  Prepare to be deflated, but contemporaneously entertained.

In what must certainly be the most disappointing "alternative" to the mainline option since Huey the Homeless vet didn't win the lottery and "opted" instead for the "alternative" of throwing his useless lottery ticket into the garbage can fire that kept he and his buddies warm, Ole Miss is offering the attractive non-conference home mini-package.

You can tell that Pete Boone was a banker because these are the sorts of people that make things like "variable home loan interests rates" sound like good things.  So, get excited all of you Rebels without a ticket because for the low, low price of $25 you can help the athletic department not seem, you know, not so 18,000-screaming-home-fans-against-Northwestern-State embarrassed.

There's going to be fireworks for our non-conference schedule yet.  Daytime fireworks!