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RCR Theater Presents: "Guess Who Sucks: A Monologue"

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Hi, I am a head coach in the Big East Conference.  Please don't hold that against me.  I enjoyed an 8-5 season in 2008 and lost 24 seniors from that team.  I also think that I can adequately hide my crazy by ranking four Big East teams on my Top 25 ballot by putting them all outside the Top 15.  

If you hadn't already heard about this you soon will.  It's kind of a crazy thing to do.

I also ranked Oklahoma #1.  Basically no one else in the world agrees with me.

I ranked LSU #5 because 8-5 records in 2008 are harbingers of great success in 2009.

I didn't rank Ole Miss at all.  It was not because I don't like up-and-coming programs (remember, I ranked four teams from my own Big East conference), it's mostly because I live in the part of the world where SEC football is God and Big East football is somewhere just below, well, ACC football.  In short, I'm jealous and feeling a little inadequate.

Who am I?


I'm Jim Leavitt, and I'm crazy!