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Rebel Roundup - 8/25/09

Police Accused of Profiling in Fein Incident
As one inclined against making such assertions, let me be one to say that the Tony Fein incident--you know, the one involving the former Ole Miss linebacker and current Baltimore Raven getting arrested because his cell phone was mistaken for a handgun--was the result of racial profiling.  The Baltimore police saw a large, tattooed black man wearing a hoodie in a nicer part of town and immediately thought "looks like this fella's plannin' to rob a tourist."  Yes, Tony reacted negatively to the police confrontation which is what ultimately led to his arrest, but the point is that there shouldn't have even been a police confrontation in the first place.  Tony Fein was harrassed because someone let their prejudices bring them to conclude that he was up to no good.  I mean, come the fuck on, how else do you confuse a cell phone for a gun?  Furthermore, what the Baltimore police have yet to realize is that Tony Fein needs no handguns; his arms are fucking cannons.  Also, he fought in Iraq.  If Tony Fein wants to hurt you, he can and will without the requirement of any sort of tool.

Pass-rushers have SEC quarterbacks trembling | ESPN
Chris Low, the bane of Alabama eFans' collective existence, covers the high number of prolific pass rushers currently playing in America's greatest conference.  Greg Hardy is, naturally, very much a part of the discussion.  Also, check out yesterday's chat with Chris Low which dealt specifically with the SEC West.

Mississippi State to Build Basketball Practice Facility |
It's a tired and silly meme, but seriously Mississippi State, why do you copy everything Ole Miss does within a few months of Ole Miss actually doing it?  Not to get all " comment thread" on your asses or anything, but "LMAO@ Mi$$take little brother complex LEGhump3r ha Derek Peagues Mullethead spread the SOCIALISM!!"