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I hope they serve LAnDSHarK!!!!!111!!!!! :( :p :0

Yep, you heard it last here. Memphis will serve beer at their home games this season.  This will begin starting with their opening game against our beloved Rebels in order to hopefully generate enough revenue to cover six figures worth of debt on behalf of the Liberty Bowl.

I guessed that they made this decision because they realized they'd be playing a pro team that day... OH SCHNAP SON. But then I realized they'd be doing it all year.

When considering the audiences which will be present in Memphis on September 6th, here're a few things that just might happen at this year's game that have not happened in the past:

1.) Ole Miss fans standing up and cheering the entire game.

2.) Someone fainting from "overserving themselves" rather than the 104 degree temperatures and ghastly.

3.) Sparky Reardon streaking after the win. 

4.) Robert Khayat calling Sparky a "crazy mother fucker" upon the streaking incident.

5.) Memphis fans getting stabbed and robbed by Ole Miss fans rather than vice versa.

6.) One Man To Beat consuming three orders of Corky's BBQ nachos...oh wait, this isn't the "things to do while at the Memphis game under any circumstance" list.

7.) Memphis fans tearing down both the goalposts in the first quarter after Duke Calhoun scores the first points of the game. Unfortunately, this leads to a forfeit due to the home team being unable to fulfill the duty of supplying a field.

8.) Memphis making a profit on the game...apparently, this usually doesn't happen.

I'm still waiting to see what the prices are like and if there will be any kind of selection. I would imagine it's going to be Budweiser, Miller and Coors products for about six or seven bucks a cup. God help us all if there are ATM's near the concession stands.