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Rebel Roundup - 8/21/09

Where Have all The Cup Fans Gone
As football season nears, we've been averaging more and more visitors a day.  Inversely, we've been averaging fewer and fewer comments.  Is what we're writing not very discussion worthy?  Have most of you decided to not jinx anything via comments threads?  Are we just overreacting a bit?

Ole Miss breaks season ticket record | | The Clarion-Ledger
The title explains it all.  We should have a very few hard sellouts this season.  In other news, The Ghost of Jay Cutler does not yet have tickets.  Is he screwed?  Yeah, probably.

SEC position rankings: Running backs | SEC - ESPN
Wow, Chris Low is way wrong here.  Like, way wrong.  I do not get how the team which averaged the 2nd most rushing yards a game in 2008 on the backs of underclassmen has the 7th best stable of backs coming into this Fall.  I just do not get it whatsoever.

Roll Bama Roll's Blog Poll #'s 5-15 |
Look who decided to bite the bullet and rank the Rebels in the top 10!  The Champagne of Bama Blogs, whose users like totally omg swear to GAWD that Ole Miss isn't going to be a top ten team this year, has us ranked at number 10 in their blogpoll ballot.  While 100% not at all my fault, I hope they took the time to notice that our blogpoll ballot actually has their Tide ranked higher than our Rebs.