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Rebel Roundup - 8/20/09

Ravens' Oher tough enough vs. Redskins |
True to the scouting report, Ravens rookie offensive tackle Michael Oher played quick and tough in Thursday night's preseason opener against the Washington Redskins. As you all know, Oher bloodied his head. The big guy's okay though and even returned to the game. Early evaluations are that he was beastly agains the Redskins. Let's hope he keeps that up.

Salary Crunch | 
Yep, you're poor, and this site will help remind you of that.  Enter in your (pissant) salary and see just how long it takes Eli Manning to earn that much money.  My favorite stat is listed under Urban Meyer. How many Tim Tebow passing touchdowns does it take before Urban Meyer makes more than you? If that's not a statement as to the amaterusim of athletes, I don't know what is.

Bradley Sowell works hard to fill Michael Oher's Shoes | The Commercial Appeal
What a task. I never really like articles like this one. I mean, Bradley Sowell isn't going to fill Oher's shoes. No one expects him to, so why write an article about how he's trying to?

Heart Situation Idles Barksdale | David Brandt
I wish I had more information about this. I don't. I think that the coaches, players, Barksdale and his family are staying mum on the issue. I could speculate as to some things, but that would be things I was pulling out of nowhere but intuition, and I don't think that's fair to Tig. It sucks to lose him. I hope the doctors aren't just blowing smoke up our asses by telling us it's something doctors can fix.