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Rebel Roundup -8/19

SEC Predictions 2009: Florida's Dance of The Inevitable, Ole Miss' Stumble -- NCAA Football FanHouse
Wow. You see, this is why I have so much trouble with sports journalists whose "jurisdiction" is all of college football. Predicting a 7-5 record for Ole Miss without giving a SINGLE REASON as to why it will happen. Thanks for that insight Brian. Oh, we'll lose to Arkansas and Alabama, deflating our sails and causing us to suffer through the rest of the season. That's possible, but what caused you to predict that? Have you talked to a single person in our entire program?

Jevan Snead is Hungry - Football Saturday
It's so nice to have a good quarterback under center. I don't buy the enormous Jevan hype yet, but I know that he's very good. His personality, at least what he gives off to the media, is just what you want in a quarterback.

Pom Pom listed as the #5 Draft Prospect in 2010 - Draft America
There ya go Drew. I know that a lot of Ole Miss fans (see: half our "staff") are down on the rebs in baseball this year. I think we're looking at traveling to a regional in the first of two rebuilding seasons, but if we can succeed, it will be largely because of Pomeranz. If he can win a lot of friday night games for us, it will help our Saturday and Sunday pitching woes.