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Rebel Roundup - 8/18/09

Ole Miss' Perfect 10 | Southern Pigskin
Southern Pigskin has compiled what they feel to be the ten best Ole Miss Rebels since Vietnam (why not go back further, lazies?).  While a good list, it is missing Robert Lane, Micheal Spurlock, Ethan Flatt, Vashon Pearson, and Taye Biddle among others.  (HT: HerbBrooks)

The villains of the SEC | ESPN

Villains add spice to college football | ESPN
These two links will bring you to ESPN's coverage of what they are calling college football villains.  First is Chris Low's take on the villains of the SEC.  For Ole Miss the villains are "Atlanta travel agents" or some shit like that and "Billy Cannon."  Billy Cannon is, naturally, a sonofabitch felon.  I agree, Low.  He also lists Archie manning as being one of LSU's primary villains.  Any Tigers care to comment on that?  The second link brings you to Pat Forde's list of college ball's 40 biggest villains.  Ole Miss is in there thrice.  See what you can find.

NCAA Football Preview - Ole Miss Rebels | Seattle Post-Intelligencer
I find this link interesting solely because it's a Seattle newspaper's take on Ole Miss.  Also, "expect Ole Miss to finish near the top of the SEC standings, " says the paper.

Ole Miss Will Visit Kentucky for "Super Tuesday" |
Yes, the new ESPN deal is extended to basketball as well.  If our basketball guy would, I dunno, blog every once in a while, he'd bring you more on this.

Meet the Rebels Day Set for Saturday |
In case you're looking for Jerrell Powe to autograph your boob or Houston Nutt to autograph your baby (please no), you'll get your chance this Saturday in the IPF.