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Weekend Plans

It's Summertime.  Fireworks, cold beer, smoky barbecue, and bikinis define the time.  We're having fun, and we would like you to as well.  While our Autumn weekends will be engulfed in the conflagration of college football fandom, those of our Summer will be fun and varied.  As such, we Cuppers would like to share with you our Summer weekend plans, along with the weekend plans of a few others of note, in order to hopefully give you ideas as to enjoyably bide your time until kickoff.

Every weekend has a theme song.  For this weekend: "Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel. Enjoy.

Greg Hardy - Not drinking.  Not smoking.  Not cussing loud.  Staying in school.

Jamar Hornsby - Going to the Hardees with nunchucks.

Z Mason - pulling the Lebron James maneuver; Mediocrity to fool the fans. Excellence when the games begin.
Houston Nutt - not betting the farm to recruit QBs who backup true freshmen backups or get moved to wide receiver.

The Sports Illustrated Curse - Deciding to make its way to Stillwater over Oxford this season (oh please please please).

Danny Wimprine - Buying bandaids again.  Damned fryer burns.  
Nick Saban - Signing babies ... to play football for Alabama in 2027.

Ivory Tower - Laying down mad double entendre:  "Family reunion, picking up chicks.  Totally unrelated."

Juco and WW - Watchin' Friday's practice and Saturday's scrimmage.  If you see us, holla.