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Rebel Roundup - 8/14/09

Rookie Rebels in Preseason Ball
Look at the photo.  That's all you need to know about Michael Oher's role in Baltimore's "routing" of the (lame-ass) Redskins.  In other news, Mike Wallace reeled in two passes for 35 yards and had a 35 yard kickoff return for the Super Bowl Champion Steelers.  Links are here and here.

An Interview with Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples |
Naturally, Bama fans are outraged at the notion that anybody should be ranked higher than their beloved Tahd.  This becomes especially true when seeing that Sports Illustrated has the Ole Pi$$ Webs ranked two spots higher than the pride of the Yellowhammer State.  While not necessarily as "outraged" as they are "confounded," the fellas at Roll Bama Roll had an opportunity to probe deeper into this disgustingly egregious error in judgement (ROLL TAHD) via an interview with Andy Staples himself.  It's fairly interesting and, beleive it or not, Staples readily admits that the media makes some selections based on....  Well, I'll let you read it and see.  The comments thread is pretty good and actually contains some, get this, discussion on the matter at hand as opposed to the typical "U SUK LOL ROOOOOLLLLL TAHD BITCHASSES" I've grown accustomed to on these here intratubes.

Ole Miss to Install FieldTurf
From the FieldTurf site, we're rippin up the old turf and laying down something newer and nicer.  I'm all for this.  The block M on the 50-yard line with the block OLE MISS and REBELS in the endzones was about as boring as it gets.  Furthermore, the red logos were starting to fade into a sorta pastel tone.  A change was needed.  Hopefully they'll go with the traditional script Ole Miss in the endzones and a gigantic picture of Tim Tebow sobbing at the 50.  (HT: ARRebel)

Shepard Smith Showing More Rebel Love |
Good Rebel and highest paid man in cable news, Shepard Smith, continues to promote his "alma mater" to the nation from his Fox News pulpit.