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The SEC Hates Bloggers, Fans

Read this, and this.  Or this if you want the full deal with regards to the SEC's brand new media policies.

If you gleaned what The Cup all of the SEC bloggeurs gleaned from that, you'll notice that the SEC wants to eliminate the following:

  • Bloggers mingling with mainstream media folks - Forget the fact that we are, on average, more observant and skilled writers than your average print journalist.  And they wonder why their media is "dying."
  • Folks making YouTube highlight reels - SURPRISERUINED Juco was gonna do that this fall.  Also, Dinkyballs, ZCriz, MakersMarkReb, and all of the other purveyors of Ole Miss YouTubery are gonna be pissed.
  • Tweeting, LiveChats, OpenThreads, sending cell phone pictures of the game--an event you paid to attend--to a friend using your own fucking phone, etc. are all banninated.

Hey, SEC, you need to cut the draconian bullshit.  I doubt they pursue much of the final point but the fact that someone in the SEC offices sees these new forms of media as problematic and in need of reform is indicative of just how old and crotchety the SEC leadership is.  Honestly, why is any of this necessary?  Do they think people will prefer to log into a chatroom or pop up their Twitter in favor of, I dunno, watching the damn game on TV?!  I mean, the radio is a more desireable medium than the internet as far as live game coverage is concerned and I don't see that changing this season.  Twitter, blogs, etc are not a threat to the SEC having media dominance on Saturdays; especially not now, what with the new ESPN contract and all.

In protest of this new nonsense, the Cup will tweet the everloving shit out of everything we see at football games and we encourage all of you to do the same.  Did Dexter McCluster sneeze?  Tweet it.  Is Jevan Snead chuckling at a joke told by one of his compatriots?  Twizzeet.  Did Shay Hodge just reel in a touchdown grab over Patrick Peterson's head.  MoThErFuCkIn' TWIZNEEEEEET!

Fight me, SEC media czars.