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Rebel Roundup - 8/11/09 - Ole Pi$$ Webs etc.

Why I Don't Believe in LSU
Juco's satirical remix of a post from And the Valley Shook was picked up by CBS and immediately misunderstood by a slew of LSU fans.  Revisit the comments thread to see a whole platoon of Tigers who miss the point, deliver trite insults, and generally make asses of themselves.  For the record, they're not all bad, but there are a few that make my head spin.  Where in the hell is ARTiger when you need him?

NCAA College Football Power Rankings - NCAA Football - ESPN
Number eight.  I've always enjoyed ESPN's power rankings and to finally see my team on there is pretty cool.

Ole Miss' Snead ready for more in 2009 - SEC - ESPN

Chris Low loves Jevan Snead.  Really, Chris Low is really high on Ole Miss in general.  Low does make the point that first-half-of-the-season Snead would get his ass kicked by second-half-of-the-season Snead which is something many LSU and Alabama fans are either ignoring or completely unaware of (If I hear "but he threw 13 picks" from anybody again, I swear...).

The 10 Surprises of the 2009 SEC Football Season - Track Em Tigers
Jay Coulter at Track 'Em Tigers says we lose 3 games becoming one of the "top-10 surprises" of the 2009 Football Season.  Which Ole Miss fan would be truly "surprised" if that were to happen?  Also, 9-3 regular season record is a one game improvement over last season which wouldn't, all things considered, be a major disappointment.  I do find it funny that the Ole Miss offseason meme has shifted from "everybody's favorite rag-tag bunch of dark horse misfits" to "everybody's pick to disappoint."  Literally, some of the exact same people who were lauding us as the West's best team at the end of last season are now revamping their stances.  C'mon, SEC blogosphere, make your damned minds up.

Where in the Top 25 Should the Ole Miss Rebels Be . . . and Should They Be Far From Georgia Tech? - Dawg Sports
This is more of the same "really, how good is Ole Miss" stuff, but this time it's from DawgSports.  I do find the comparison of our Rebels to the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets to be interesting, but characterized by one gigantic flaw: Georgia Tech plays in the ACC, a conference defined by a slew of good teams but no real great teams. 

From InsideTheGrove, Some YouTubery
Yesterday's practice, check it: