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Rebel Roundup - 8/10/09

Fall Practices Begin Today
You don't need any more description than that.  Yes, the Cup will have correspondents at the practices and yes, we will bring to you the coverage you are likely anticipating.  Stay tuned.

Dan Werner takes break from college coaching to take care of family | The Clarion-Ledger
From Brandt (DAMN YOU DAVID BRANDT) comes an article which will--assuming you've got half a heart--cause you to respect a former high-ranking official in the Orgeron administration unlike you had before.  Dan Werner, after being an offensive coordinator at Miami and Ole Miss, is taking the slower route of high-school coaching in order to spend more time with his children.  One can't help but admire that.

Ranking the nation's best college football conferences - ESPN
ESS EEE SEE!  ESS EEE SEE!  Much to the chagrin of the other regions of our naiton--you know, the ones with slower football and lame defenses--the Southeast is tops in college football... again.  Mark Schlabach of ESPN says so, dammit.  After reading that, vote here before some Big Ten fans do.  Trust me, that won't be too tough (BECAUSE THEY ARE SLOW ESSEEESSEEE SPEEEEED WHOOOOOO).

And Finally...
Here's Houston Nutt talking about the incoming freshman class.  Watch.  Now.