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Rebel Roundup - Team USA

Evan Swindall Demolishes Canada - Not all on his lonesome, of course.  Swindall, the incoming Rebel center, was recently given a gold medal as a part of the inaugural IFAF Junior World Championship.  As a part of team USA, Swindall did his part to shove boots in asses (it's the American way, right Toby Keith?), stomping Frace, Mexico, and Canada by a combined score of 174-3.  Damn.  For starting all three games at center and "dominating" a bunch of Canucks, Swindall was named first team all-tournament

Terrico White Also Represents the Red, White, and Blue - As a part of the U19 basketball national squad, Terrico White is currently in New Zealand for the U19 World Championships.  They've already beaten the Greeks and look forward to taking on the Puerto Ricans sometime today-ish.  When considering the fact that only twelve players were selected to be a part of this team, I'm wowed.

Chris Low's Red Hot Rivalries - We Rebels are a part of three of his top-10, along with being a part of the SEC's 2nd most significant rivalry for this fall.  Click here for his top-10 list and his brief chat with Ivan Maisel (you've probably seen that part before).  Low, like many others, are beginning to promote Arkansas vs. Ole Miss as a serious, legitimate SEC rivalry.  Being as how the "rivalry" really doesn't extend beyond the gridiron, is a very recent development, and is centered around one fanbase's dislike of another's coach, I feel that calling this "red hot" is a bit of a stretch.  We Rebels simply find Arkansas fans stale and annoying; we hardly see them as rivals.

Greg Hardy Says Something Weird - Oh, that, and an Auburn newspaper likes us.  Check out the odd picture of Houston Nutt, the mountain of praise heaped upon our Rebels, and gr3gxxz's quote:

We don’t want people coming in our inner circle and corrupting minds, because that’s the downfall of a lot of great things — corrupt minds

I got a text message yesterday from Juco suggesting that we start a band featuring Greg Hardy named "Corrupt Minds."  I get it now.  Well, it's like he says, stay out of their inner circle and nobody gets hurt.

EDITED TO ADD: Mobile Commenting - I'm 99% sure SB Nation rolled that one out today.  If you're on an iPhone, Blackberry, or something similar then give it a shot.