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Rebel Roundup: Still On Vacation Edition

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WTF, Kyle?  The widely-acclaimed Mayor (of Blog-Town, I guess?) and damn good 'Dawg, T. Kyle King, says over at DawgSports that if the Rebels are what's selling, he ain't buying

Houston Nutt’s club finished strong in 2008 . . . just like the Georgia Bulldogs did in 2007, complete with a January bowl win over an overhyped mid-major. (All right, technically, the Texas Tech Red Raiders aren’t a mid-major, but come on . . . if Mike Leach’s squad made the jump to the W.A.C., would anyone claim it wasn’t a legitimate fit?)

Nice try, lawya, and we especially like the dig at the dread pirate Leach, but as a closet UGA fan, please allow me to note, that, as of right now, even without Michael, we still have about infinity more Left Tackles than the Classic City Canines had in that unfortunate game against Alabama.

Devin Britton makes a little bit of noise.  Our resident NCAA Champion advanced to the Semi-Finals at the Wimbledon Junior Championships before falling to his doubles partner, Jordan Cox of Duluth, Georgia.  And see Note No. 20 of Jon Wertheim's Fifty Thoughts from Wimbledon:

Britton's got talent. We came away impressed with Devin Britton, the NCAA champ, and Alex Domijan (Baby Ivo) who both possess top-50 potential. Playing serve-and-volley tennis, Britton lost to yet another American, Jordan Cox, in the semis, 16-14 in the third.

All the fine girls were apparently making some social statement.  Krazy J's riveting plea for social integration at the Great American Recoving Racist University is "causing a stir."  We are proud of Krazy J, as well, for his inclusion of the much-maligned, overlooked purple and green female populations.  Stand up Mystique and She-Hulk; Krazy J stands with you.

"He's even better than you said he was."  I was never, no not never, ashamed to say that for two years I was a Baltimore Ravens fan.  Rick Cleveland offered the following story about about one of my favorite Ole Miss fans, Willie Morris, and Steve McNair:

Of Willie Morris's reaction after first seeing McNair play. After a few trips to Lorman to see McNair play at Alcorn State University, I told Willie, a close friend, splendid writer and avid Ole Miss fan about McNair. Willie went to see him once, and then quit going to Ole Miss games that year so he could watch Air McNair. "Rickey," Willie gushed, "He's even better than you said he was."

We are fans.