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Rebel Roundup - Still Pissed Off Edition

Still Pisst Awrf!
I wake up, still reeling from my celebration of Ole Miss' most recent national title, and see this.  Awesome.  I thought the bad taste in my mouth was some vomited chicken wing residue but it's not.  It's you, Ole Miss student body.  Yeah, I know I just linked to a post which is right below this one but I don't care.  I'm woozy, nauseous, and WRAWRG MAD SMASH MARSHMALLOWS!

What the Hell, Jamar?!
He's gonna get indicted on Friday, says his attourney.  WHY WERE YOU IN STARKVILLE?  AT A MCDONALDS?! 

You dastardly rogue.  You swindling, crack smoking scalawag.  Stop writing good news about Drew Pomeranz and season ticket sales and start doing something else.

SEC Position Rankings
These don't piss me off so much.  Blog amigo Ghost of Chucky has some interesting position rankings up his-a-way.  You know, Wide Receivers, Running Backs, Quarterbacks, etc.  Do the link.

Why Don't I Have This Job?
Practice dates for every SEC team.  Click it.  Seriously, Chris Low.  How do you trick ESPN into giving you a bazillion dollars to write about SEC Football?  You do it so well but I could do it too WHY NOT ME?!  THIS ANGERS ME GREATLY AS YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE DUE TO THE CAPITAL LETTERS.