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Please Let This Be a Cruel Rumor

With apologies, sir. 

At this stage, it's only a rumor, but who wouldn't be shocked if this were the case?  "From Dixie With Love," a marching adaptation of Elvis Presley's "American Trilogy" which has become a gameday favorite for fans throughout the SEC, may be no more.

All because some people thought it cute to shout "the South will rise again" in favor of the original "His truth is marching on."  To those people, I have but one thing to say:

Fuck all of you.  Seriously.  Right in the fucking neck.  You fucking morons did this.  You were warned, admonished, and ridiculed for your dumbassery but you insisted.  This falls on your shoulders.  You ruined one of the best traditions in the Southeast all over some classless, moronic chant. 

You wanted to fit in.  You wanted to be different.  You wanted to "stick it to the man" or some shit.  Well, now the man stuck it to you all of us you selfish dolts.  I'm like your mom right about now: dissappointed in and ashamed to be affiliated with you.

Do us all a favor and pull your heads out of your asses next time, alright?