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Ole Miss earns second National Championship of the Summer

A National Championship. Students, alumni, professors, staff... even the sidewalk fans can all celebrate this monumental accomplishment:


Georgia, your puny ranking of 8th means nothing to us.  Tennessee and Florida, we scoff at your somewhere-in-the-teens rankings.  We knock back thick, syrupy-ass brown liquor in a fashion which, in an overwhelming majority of contexts, would be frighteningly dangerous.  Have fun sippin' your pina coladas, you losers. 

Other rankings:

  • #2 Greek Scene
  • #3 Party School
  • #4 Students Study the Least
  • #12 Student Newspaper (I guess being printed daily and in color makes up for piss-poor editing)
  • #14 Little Race/Class Interaction (Wow, that's awkward) 
  • #17 Dorms Like Dungeons
  •  #18 Most Conservative Students (there are really seventeen more conservative schools than Ole Miss?  Bob Jones, BYU, and what other 15 zealot-bins?)
  • #20 Lots of Beer

While highly flawed and ultimately insignificant, the Princeton Review rankings are fun, are they not?