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Rebel Roundup - 7/27 (Slow News Day)

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Ole Miss Week
Over at TeamSpeedKills.  All week.  Seriously, check it out for coverage that is as objective as SEC coverage can be.

Darth Brandt's Countdown is Over
Thanks a lot, idea snatcher.  Oh really, Jevan Snead is the most crucial person to the Rebels' success this upcoming football season?  Way to go out on a limb there.

Wild Turkey
No, not this Wild Turkey, unfortunately.  The above linkage deals with the continued spread of the Wild[NOUN] formation and Virginia Tech's potential use of it this fall.  Why is this of note, you may ask?  Well, while most teams use the most elusive, laterally-mobile athlete in the formation, the Hokies plan on using--I shit you not--a 6'3" 280lb tight end.  This could be very, very fun. (HT: Swindle)

BS!!!1  Ole PI$$ Hooten DALE MORON!!1
</Hogville> You've gotta admit that, for all of his shortcomings, Houston Nutt is a real players coach.  At Arkansas, just as today at Ole Miss, he could motivate his players to run through a damned brick wall if need be.  Current Razorback stars DJ Williams and Malcolm Sheppard even had this to say when asked which SEC coach besides their own they would most like to play for:

That was an easy question for Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams and defensive tackle Malcolm Sheppard. Both said Ole Miss' Houston Nutt.

"I speak to him from time to time and people on the staff," Sheppard said Thursday. "One thing about Coach Houston Nutt: when he recruits you, he's not just recruiting you to play ball for him. He's recruiting you because he likes you as a person. He's a great man."

Steve Spurrier explains his vote "against" Tim Tebow in the coaches' All-SEC poll.  I have mixed feelings on this.  While I don't think it really matters that much in that it's not like it's going to cause Tebow to play with less heart and effort, I do find it a bit odd that coaches are oftentimes not the ones filling out their ballots.  This is especially bothersome when considering the substantial weight placed on polls with regards to bowl seedings and BCS standings.  As for this individual incident, I find the whole ado surrounding it to be a tempest in a teapot.  I mean, is it reallythat big of a deal that Tebow wasn't a unanimous first pick in a preseason All-SEC poll?  People acted as if this was some sort of blasphemy, making sure to unleash an inquisition on every coach at SEC Media Days.  Are we really that bored with our Summers/enamored with a 20-something-year-old man-rhino who doesn't use his penis?