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Rebel Roundup - More Media Days Fun

Surprisingly, Steve Spurrier is the blaspheme who dared to vote against the Tebow child for first team all SEC.  As a Heisman winning Florida Gator quarterback himself, it is literally shocking to learn that Spurrier would vote Snead over Tebow.  HT: Thile

Wow, These Accents are Fun
Let's take a look at Southern American linguistics this morning.  Follow the link, which contains videos of player and coach press conferences from SEC Media Days, and pull up the Ole Miss related videos.  First, take in the off-pitch twang of Arkansas from Houston Nutt.  Next, observe the hollow drawl of rural Texas as exemplified by Jevan Snead.  Finally, do your absolute best to comprehend the thicker-than-gumbo New Orleans accent as possessed by Kendrick Lewis.  This speech pattern is particularly fun because it sounds like a Hatian made baby with a Canadian.  In the press conferences there are some fun things to look out for; noticeably, Houston Nutt calling Jevan Snead "beautiful," and beautiful himself being called a "detrement" to the team by Lewis.

Team Speed Kills Now
Listen to a sober, boring Ghost of Jay Cutler talk about Ole Miss here!  This installment of TSK's podcast features discussion on Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss (@ the 39:30 mark), and Florida.  Listen and let us know what you think.

This Felt Good
Yep, DID pick up our post on the Rebels' chances this season and linked it on, get this, their main page.  Look at the link below that says "SB Nation."  That's us.