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Rebel Roundup - 7/22/09

Team Speed Kills Reppin' SBNation at Media Days
The SEC, for some reason, wouldn't give media passes to everybody in SB Nation (c'mon, guys) so Team Speed Kills is going to be representing the entire slew of SEC bloggeurs.  You want updates?  They'll have 'em.  Check back there early and often.

Greg Hardy Video - Inside The Grove
From Ty at Inside The Grove comes an interview with Greg Hardy about his recent car accident and subsequent foot injury.  If you have the time, look through Ty's YouTube channel.  He has several pretty cool interviews with players that he has put up over the last few days.  I especially love Kentrell Lockett's interview, just because Lockett is a shit talker who doesn't get nearly enough credit.

Oh, and according to that dastardly rogue David Brandt, who has a transcript of the aforementioned YouTubery on his blog, the interview with Hardy was conducted while he, Jevan, Dex, Daverin Geralds, and Coach Nutt were at a Sports Illustrated photoshoot in the IPF.  If I were to venture a guess, I'd say we should expect to see our Rebels on a regional preview cover, a la LSU a few seasons back.

White looking to build upon gold-medal glory - ESPN's Andy Katz is giving our Rebels some love in this piece about Terrico White and his recent role in U-19 Team USA Basketball's gold medal at the World Championships.  You'll also learn that he was very, very close to declaring for the NBA draft this last offseason but was talked out of it by Coach Andy "Homeland Security" Kennedy.

SEC Network Announced
Likely to be broadcast to your homes at a much faster rate than the Big Ten Network, the new SEC "Network" is a partnership between local television providers and ESPN geared towards broadcasting early football games and some basketball games.  So, really it's Jefferson Financialcom with a new name... again.