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Rebel Roundup - 7/16/09 - NCAA 2010, that's our excuse

It's Slow and We Don't Care - NCAA 2010 came out a few days ago.  Do you really expect a couple of sports nerds who run a website as a hobby to do anything besides glue themselves to their XBOXes?  I'll have my Rebel-themed review of the game up whenever I get around to it.

Congrats SSMUND - His fanpost on Paul Finebaum's bullshit made it to today's EDSBS Curious Index.  This is not the first time the Cup has been up there, but it is without a doubt the first time a fanpost has.

TSK Calls Ole Miss vs. LSU a "Probable Possible Loss" - .... for the Tigers, that is.  LSU fans find this debatable but, that's to be expected.  This fall's Magnolia Bowl will be a very competitive game.  Honestly, I'm just glad that And The Valley Shook didn't pull a TigerDroppings and simply say "Ole PISS" before posting a string of animated gif emoticons which include, among other things, a smilies flipping off the reader, shrugging their shoulders, and litterally ROFL-ing.

You're Jinxed too, Bitches - If you missed The Drake's comment from yesterday, you may not have learned that the goofy-SEC themed covers are indeed regional and not Houston Nutt exclusive.  RollBamaRoll has found some photos of the cover featuring Nick Saban.  I am personally looking forward to seeing what the Tennessee cover will look like because Lane Kiffin has never looked like a complete dumbass when being photographed.  Nope, not once.

David Brandt's Countdown - Brandt is counting down the top-howevermany most significant people to the success of the Rebel football team this upcoming fall.  Today is #11, Brandon Bolden.  No lie: we were going to do this with the ten days leading up to the season but I guess we'll just have to do something else.  DAMN YOU DAVID BRANDT!

Greg Hardy is Healthy - Greg Hardy is healthy.  Greg Hardy is healthy.  Greg Hardy is healthy.  Greg Hardy is healthy.  I hope that I can say this enough times to magically make it the truth.  Greg Hardy is healthy.  Greg Hardy is healthy....

A Novel Concept - While a few days late, check out this hypothetical SEC All-Star game as proposed by's Chris Low.  The West roster includes Jevan Snead, Greg Hardy, Daverin Geralds, John Jerry, Kendrick Lewis, Joshua Shene, and Dexter McCluster.  Furthermore, he predicts a West win if such a game were to ever take place.