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Rebel Roundup - 7/13

gr3gxxx and Da Lil' Bastid Survive Firery Inferno - Well, ok, maybe it was not that dramatic, but sources say that Dexter McCluster and Greg Hardy, two of the Rebels keys to success this fall, were in a car wreck this weekend which ended in a fiery automobile.  Both survived unscathed because, honestly, they're not about to get taken out with fewer than two months until kickoff.  I am also guessing they wore their seatbelts.  Let that be a lesson, kids.

HOLY SHIT NCAA 2010 - It comes out tonight at midnight (don't get all technical on me and say "don't you mean tomorrow at midnight" because that's lame) and all accounts are saying this is going to be the most improved NCAA yet.  If you only see posts from Ivory Tower's unfunny self over the next few days, know that it's because Juco and I have slipped into an antisocial world of online dynasties and crootin'.  I have downloaded and played the demo on XBox Live and it is greatly improved as far as I can tell.  We'll both have some sort of a review up soon enough.  Also, to see the pixellated Rebs in action, check out the video below.

Gotta Love the Attitude - From our friend Seth at Double T Nation comes these excellent photographs (with accompanying commentary) taken at the Cotton Bowl.  Things to note: the post-game bowl being half-empty, Graham Harrell getting greatly frustrated with the Rebel D, and Marshay Green engaging in general Marsay-type behavior.

USA!  USA!  USA! - I can't remember where, but some sportswriter said the US had lost its dominance in international basketball.  Well, LeBron James and my boy Terrico White are callin' bullshit on that one.  From the article:

White, the 2009 SEC Freshman of the Year, scored nine points with a block and a steal in Sunday’s championship game. Kansas’ Tyshawn Taylor led the Americans with 18 points, while three others scored in double figures. A critical 16-1 U.S. run came at the start of the second quarter and was capped by White’s fastbreak basket and three-pointer.


White was instrumental in the U.S. going 9-0 at the tournament. The Memphis native averaged 7.4 points and 2.6 rebounds in nine contests, adding six blocks and four steals.

Congratulations, Terrico.  And congratulations America for winning, again.


This is Gonna be eXciTiNNG!1 - Apparently, the excitement in Starkville has their letters goin' all haywire!  I got this from The One That Got Away, the laziest blogger on Earth who is still somehow allowed to post here, and immediately found it amusing.  I especially love the video pitch for the season ticket package featuring Dan "the inexplicable messiah" Mullen himself.  It's great how they tried to make it seem like Coach Mullen was just drawing up plays on a whiteboard, you know, like he does as an offensive genius and all, before candidly anouncing the potential excitement of his work to a waiting camera.  While I do think we Rebels need to sell ourselves a little more effectively using the modern media, I hope we never throw together anything that hokey.