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The Myth of "tough circumstances"

There have been many defenses that Bianco lovers have used to support their embattled coach.  One of my favorites is after the jump. 

One of my favorite defenses that B.A. (Biano Apologists) use is that we've just had some bad luck in our Super Regional draws throughout the years.    

Many times, Ole Miss fans blamed Larry Templeton who was the selection committee chair and MS State Athletic Director.  "It's just not fair," they claimed. "We had to play eventual national champion Texas. Boo hoo hoo!!!"

This one is fun too.  "Miami was a good team.  They were hot coming into our regional.   That Jemile Weeks kid was good!"  Give me a break!  They struggled against any team with a pulse that season.  In the postseason, they were 7-5!  They won their regional without even playing the #1 seed!  Geez, folks.  Get real.  We just sucked it up that Super Regional. Again, the Rebel faithful look to blame Templeton for pairing us with a regional that has Miami as a two seed. 

More evidence that "Templeton hates us" was the 2007 pairing with Arizona State.  Remember that we blew a lead late in the first game and ended up getting swept.

Who can we blame this year?  We can't blame Templeton.  Do we blame God?  Allah? 

How about we hold the only constant over the last five years: BIANCO. 

What you Bianco Lovers don't understand is that you cannot just keep blaming everyone else.  72 teams have been to Omaha this decade.  Southern Miss went on the road this weekend and got it done.  Akry traveled to Florida State and got it done.  LSU's coach has been 3 times this decade with two different teams.  Ron Polk has been twice tihs decade with two different teams.  Dave Van Horn has been 4 times this decade with two different teams.  What's the point?  Some coaches can get it done and some can't.  I'm putting Bianco in the latter category. 

At some point, we have to make our own luck.  We have to win games.  We might even have to beat better teams to get there.  Guess what?  The sweet sixteen is difficult. 

You complain about having to play better teams.  I want to be the better team.  Whose job is it to make that happen?