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Bianco apologists to hold candlelight vigil; Top five coaching blunders from today


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Mike Bianco's coaching decisions in today's game rival that of Ed Orgeron.  While many Bianco lovers will point to their SEC Co-Champs t-shirt and curse at me, I say that it is time for Mike to make some changes.  Let's start with his blunders from today.

1) David Phillips should not even be on the team, much less on the 25 man roster.  He had 3 SOs in 5 AB with 1 HDP for the series.  What the heck does Bianco see in this kid?  He has been awful as of late.  If you are thinking of getting cute and pointing out his hit from Monday, keep in mind that is his only one in forever.  Not only is Phillips horrible offensively, he made many questionable plays in the outfield.  He failed to throw the ball in the right direction on two occasions and also missed a grounder today.  Awful decision to play him.

2/3) Mike Bianco small ball is stupid.  With Jordan Henry on 2nd with no outs, he makes Power bunt.  Yes, the bunt was successful, but why take the bat out of the hands of the ALL TIME RBI LEADER FOR OLE MISS?  Henry would've scored from 2nd with or without the bunt. Bianco small ball also reared its ugly head once again when Miller failed by bunting right to the pitcher resulting in Henson being thrown out advancing to 3rd.  Why take the bat out of the hands of a .341 hitter only for DAVID PHILLIPS to come up next?  As all of you can guess, Phillips struck out. 

4) Why leave Nathan Baker in for so freaking long?  Good Gravy, Bianco!  Baker was struggling and getting hit and Bianco didn't even have anyone in the pen!  This is a Bianco flaw that he demonstrates time and time again.  UVA's coach didn't hesitate to go with a different pitcher if his got in trouble.  We know who won that battle.

5) Mike Bianco is a choker.  He is 0-6 in games that would send his team to Omaha.  There's no way you can even refute this, Bianco apologist.  His mentality is that of a choker, and it becomes obvious in game threes.  Today, we committed three errors.  Phillips, Mort, and Morgan all had errors.  For the series, we committed 7 errors.  In the Miami Super Regional game three, the Rebels committed three errors.  He's a choker folks, and he instills that in his players as well.  When the pressure is on, we collapse (see Button's error in eighth yesterday).

No matter what I say or what facts I use, many of you will bash me for saying Bianco will never get to Omaha.  You'll highlight your fun drinking in the outfield terrace and looking at hot girls as reasons to keep Bianco.  Guess what... Drinking in the terrace and hot girls are not getting us to Omaha.  So Bianco apologist, bash me if you will. 

By bashing me, it means you are content with never making it to Omaha.  I'm sorry that I want to do better.